1. Sign up for a account and login
  2. Click on Add Pin and use Add Pin with a URL or using an Image from your device
  3. Place a website address in the Copy & Paste a URL box and hit Enter
  4. The system will capture the title and description from the link along with images which you can choose. You can set one of the images as the anchor image for your message. You may upload an image from your device and use it if you do not find the right image from the URL. You can edit the title and description and save.
  5. Once saved you can save a copy of the message with modified title or description and choose a different image  You can upload an image from your computer or mobile device or capture images from a web page
  6. Once the message is edited and saved you can Pin it to create a sharable message Once published you can post the message on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter (with or without Image), Linkedin or Google+ You can go to the editor and create multiple messages for the same link and promote it on various social networks or embed on your blog or web pages.
  7. Track your progress. We provide a unique short URL for every link which can be tracked for clicks
  8. In order to create pins in 22 international languages use the 3rd box under Add pin
    (Editor button )