What is SocialPinz?

SocialPinz externally enables all your website content and images to be easily shareable on Pinterest and other social media sites as Facebook, Twitter (with image), Linkedin, and Google+.  Custom social media messages (with custom image and edited text) can be edited using 23 different languages.  SocialPinz allows you to post to all your social media channels at once and drives traffic and potential customers to your site.

Why Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social network after Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin
  • The number of Pinterest users are increasing day by day

  • When used correctly with a compelling image and text, Pinterest can provide a lot of traffic to your website with a small effort.
  • Pinterest users are 8 times more likely to buy something than users of other social media sites and have become the number one referral tool for businesses.
  • Pinterest can showcase your products and services and get very good leads
  • Pinterest help you establish credibility in your market

Why SocialPinz?

  1. There are certain limitations for businesses to effectively use Pinterest.
  2. Without an image you cannot pin a web page on Pinterest
  3. If you use an image you cannot easily link it to your web page
  4. You cannot prepare edited text and image before pinning it.
  5. We have built a solution to convert a web page or a message to a Social Media Object with custom text and image.
  6. Once created you can post it on various social networks with an image - Twitter,  Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, SocialPulse and Linkedin)

How does SocialPinz do it?
  • Text and images are extracted from each of your web pages enabling  them to be sharable on all type of social networks.
  • Compelling and sharable marketing messages are created from content found on your pages.
  • Additional images from another web page or uploaded from your local machine can be saved and used with your shareable marketing messages.
  • Marketing messages can be created in 23 different languages and used with custom pictures to create multiple social media messages.
  • Easily create multiple versions of the message with different text and images pointing to the same web page.
  • Promote your messages on all social media sites which can result in more traffic and leads
  • Provides trackable short URL and provide click statistics.
  • Provides share buttons for every message.
  • Provides embed code to post the message with image on blogs and web pages.